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Helping Minnesotans
live well as they age

Minnesota’s seven Area Agencies on Aging are focal points for helping individuals live well as they age in their communities. They help older adults; the communities in which they live; and the public, nonprofit and private organizations that support them come together to foster positive aging.

The Minnesota Association of Area Agencies on Aging (m4a) brings the power of a collective voice for the good of all older Minnesotans.

MN2030 looking forwardMN2030

The Minnesota Board on Aging, in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, provides an excellent resources about aging on its MN2030 website.

Juniper: Gaining Momentum

Minnesota’s Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) are leading a transformative effort to improve community health by changing the culture toward self-managed health and well-being in Minnesota.

Juniper logoJuniper is a network of community organizations delivering evidence-based programs to help people manage chronic health conditions, prevent falls and foster well-being. By taking an active role in their health and well-being, Juniper program participants experience improved health and quality of life, reducing the need for costly medical interventions.

Juniper is also building the infrastructure necessary to support an expanded network of new partnerships — among health systems, payers, public health and community-based organizations — broadening the statewide reach and impact of evidence-based health programs. Learn more or visit to find and register for a class.

Download a Juniper flyer.