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Age-Friendly Communities


Most people want to age in the communities in which they have worked, raised their children, and developed relationships. m4a member agencies help leaders make their communities good places in which to grow up and to grow old. Age-friendly communities provide flexible housing options, affordable transportation and mobility options, readily available goods and services, and opportunities to engage broadly in community life.

Need for Supportive Infrastructures

Unfortunately, most communities do not have the physical, social, and service infrastructures needed to support an increasingly older population. As a result in order to find needed services, people are may find that they need to leave supportive networks of family, friends and neighbors. Doing so can lead to isolation, depression, decreased health, and premature institutionalization—taking both a human toll and draining state and federal resources.

Expertise to Make Age-Friendly

Area Agencies on Aging offer extensive expertise on what makes a community age friendly. In addition to program funding, Area Agencies offer technical assistance such as proposal development, connection with partner organizations, marketing support, and promotional strategies. We help communities make positive changes that are good for people of all ages.

Visit, a website developed by the Minnesota Board on Aging in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, for information, resources, and assistance about creating Minnesota communities for people of all ages and abilities.