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Healthy Living as You Age


Evidence-based programs that foster self-motivation, 
improve well-being and lower costs

Healthy Living as You Age

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Minnesota’s Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) are leading a transformative effort to improve community health. The Healthy Living as You Age initiative builds a network of evidence-based programs to help people manage chronic conditions, prevent falls and more. The initiative leverages the AAAs’ strong foundation of knowledge and experience with evidence-based health promotion programs. New partnerships with health care and community-based organizations will broaden the statewide reach and impact.

Approximately 35 percent of insured Minnesotans have at least one chronic condition and a large percentage have two or more. The cost of treating chronic diseases in Minnesota is estimated at $5 billion annually, about 83 percent of total medical and drug spending. In addition, falling is a major threat to well-being, especially for older adults. One in five falls results in serious injury. Minnesota ranks fourth in the nation in fall-related deaths among people age 65+.

Healthy Living programs help people take an active role in their health and well-being. Participants experience improved health and quality of life and, at the same time, reduce the need for costly medical interventions.

The Healthy Living initiative:

  • Increases the number, variety and location of evidence-based health promotion programs offered across the state of Minnesota.
  • Engages health care providers and insurers in sharing in the cost of the programs to make them affordable to participants of all ages.
  • Creates an easy-to-use, online listing of all available Healthy Living classes by type, date and location.

As managing partner for Healthy Living as You Age, Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging provides management information systems, contractual support, data analysis and overall project management.

Evidence-Based Programs

Evidence-based programs meet the following criteria:

  • Developed at research universities/institutes
  • Proven effective through scientific studies
  • Supported by tested and proven training curricula

Program selection offered under the Healthy Living as You Age initiative vary by region. Contact your AAA representative for information.

Falls Prevention

  • A Matter of Balance
  • Stepping On
  • Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance
  • Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL)

Chronic Disease Management

  • Living Well With Chronic Conditions (CDSMP)
  • Tomando Control de su Salud (Spanish CDSMP)
  • Arthritis Self-Management Program (ASMP)
  • Chronic Pain Self-Management Program (CPSMP)

Diabetes Prevention and Self Monitoring

  • Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP)
  • National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP)

For information about Healthy Living as You Age in your area, contact your regional AAA ( For general information, contact Nora Slawik, Project Manager, at 651.917.4656 or