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Jul 232012
 July 23, 2012  Posted by  Age-Friendly Communities

Community services foster high quality of lifeThe Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging is launching a Lifetime Communities Learning and Action Collaborative funded in part through a grant from the Greater Twin Cities United Way. The purpose is to support city officials and their residents as they work to make their communities good places to grow up and grow old. The collaborative will feature an exchange of best practices, success stories, and strategies to deal with pitfalls and obstacles. As the group identifies its learning needs, the Area Agency will help to engage leaders with appropriate expertise for presentations and Q&A sessions.

Lifetime communities will become increasingly important as the population of older people grows. Communities that work for people of all ages and abilities are attentive to physical, social, and service supports that address a range of needs. Communities prepare as lifetime communities with:

  • Assessing current assets and planning for the future
  • Transforming physical infrastructures, including housing, mobility options and accessible public space
  • Fostering social connections and nurturing a sense of responsibility across generations
  • Expanding products and services that support residents to stay independent and engaged as they age

For information about the Lifetime Communities Learning and Action Collaborative, contact  email