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Nov 182013
 November 18, 2013  Posted by  Aging in Place, Health

First Contact Specialist processes pre-admission screeningsEffective November 1, First Contact specialists with the Senior LinkAge Line® are performing federally mandated pre-admission screenings (PAS) for individuals entering a Medical Assistance (MA) certified nursing facility.

The 2013 Minnesota Legislature eliminated a PAS exemption and redesigned how PAS activity is completed. The screening ensures that only individuals who meet the required level of care are admitted to a nursing facility. In addition, it ensures individuals with a mental illness or a developmental disability or who are under the age of 65 receive additional evaluation.

Options That Foster Return to Community

One of the goals of moving the PAS processing to the Senior LinkAge Line® is to engage individuals and their families in understanding long-term care options at an earlier point in the care process. The Senior LinkAge Line® specialist are experts in home and community-based services that can support successful transition back to community life.

The specialists will place follow-up calls to the individual and/or his or her caregivers after discharge from a nursing facility with information about services such as transportation, grocery delivery, personal care, household chores and more. Being connected to these services can make the difference between a successful return to community and a less satisfying outcome.

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