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Jul 242012
 July 24, 2012  Posted by  Communication

First Contact participantThe First Contact Pilot Project, operated by the Central Minnesota Council on Aging, expands the role of the Senior LinkAge Line®.  And in the process it strengthens connections among older adults, Chisago County services, and area health care providers.

Phase II of the pilot project began in July 2010, with a focus on expanding the implementation of Revation LinkLive Unified Communications to include Fairview Lakes Hospital discharge planning staff and two Ecumen long-term care facilities, in addition to the original partners of the Senior LinkAge Line® and Chisago County Health and Human Services.

The general principle underlying this strategy is that improved communications technology and processes will increase efficiencies among service providers, streamline access to accurate and timely information, provide speedier access to needed services by older adults and their caregivers, and reduce the likelihood that older adults will spend down their assets on services that exceed their needs.