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Nov 162013
 November 16, 2013  Posted by  Technical Support

Participants in workshop for building sustainable programsAs the demand for services grows and resources decline, nonprofit organizations must focus on building sustainable programs more than ever before.

To help address this issue, the Minnesota Department of Human Services is funding a partnership between the Living at Home Network, the Nonprofits Assistance Fund and Eldercare Development Partnerships of the Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) to bring a series of finance workshops to nonprofits in the aging network.

The in-person workshops will be offered starting in January 2014 in each AAA Region and offered to the Living at Home Block Nurse Programs, the Community Service/Service Development Grantees, and other network providers within each AAA. The webinars will be offered at times and dates yet to be determined.

The following is a description of the workshops and webinars that will be provided. Contact the Area Agency on Aging in your region to learn about dates and locations.

What Do Your Programs Really Cost? 
(In-person workshop)

  • Do you know what it costs to deliver your programs? This workshop will help you allocate expenses, build realistic program budgets, and communicate what your work actually costs. You will learn to identify direct and indirect expenses using real life examples, and then review different methods of allocating these costs to programs. You will use this information in a Mission-Money Matrix to make informed decisions about your organization’s programs.
  • Strategic Financial Planning (In-person workshop)
    This is an advanced workshop designed for nonprofit leaders who want to take their financial management skills to the next level. At this workshop, you will learn about analytical tools to assist in understanding your organization’s current financial position and current business model, different techniques and approaches to having practical conversations critical to organizational decision-making, and factors to consider when scenario planning and multi-year budgeting.
  • Build A Better Budget (Webinar)
    This webinar is designed to build your confidence in the budgeting process. You will learn to create an effective budget process that will get everyone involved and ensure that your budget reflects your organization’s mission, strategic plan, and programmatic priorities. You will walk away with a proven 10-step process you can use to craft budgets within your organization. This workshop is right for you if you are leading your budget process for the first time.
  • Cash Is King: Managing Cash Flow For Nonprofits (Webinar)
    This webinar will help you anticipate and prepare for the ebb and flow of cash coming in and out of your organization. You will learn how to navigate your nonprofit’s cash flow and how different types of income and expenses impact your finances. You will learn ways to avoid and manage cash flow challenges.
  • Dashboard Reports: Making Your Data Work For You(Webinar)
    This webinar will help you create a dashboard for your nonprofit. You will learn how to select information to include on your dashboard and how dashboard reports can complement other important financial reports. This webinar is for you if you are a staff or board member who creates, reviews, and interprets dashboard reports.